Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vina Family Photographer | Lodin & McClain

Ok folks...this is probably the LARGEST sneak peek ever!!!! I had the hardest time choosing pictures to post because there are sooo many beautiful pics of you guys. This little Mak is just the cutest thing since...hmm...since a doll.?. well you get my point. I'm drawing a blank.

Oh..and I guess it makes sense since Mak won the "Cutest Baby Contest" which scored her this session!! Congrats again you guys. Love ya!!

doesn't she just melt your heart??

that Papa of hers is pretty darn 'special' hehe...I mean, really...he is a very special guy who is gaga over little M

what an example of true love

grandparents are the best

I love pics of Mama and baby since most of the time it's mom behind the camera--I should know right??

isn't this just the perfect picture? I love how her dress just poofs out! Such a princess!

daddy's girl
a beautiful family

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