Friday, October 8, 2010

Stick horse, bouncy horse, as long as it's a horse

Today my son turned 16 months old! I know I probably say this everytime I mention his age, but, "I cannot believe it!" I have been with my child ALMOST every waking minute of his every waking day....we have hardly been apart since he began growing in my belly. I can honestly say that he is the joy of my life...(besides my hubby of course). "Mommy" is the best tital and award anyone can hold, that is my honest opinion...

Here are a few pics to document this momentous day..
--to make these pics even more special...the horse in the picture, aka "Dick" (thank you hubby for naming him that weirdly akward name--even though you named him when you were a boy...come on!), belonged to Jaxson's nana, then my husband, and now Jaxson. The horse decorates Jaxson's Vintage Cowboy room perfectly!


Maria Gridley said...

oh my! What GREAT photos.. LOVE the little cow boy outfit! :) So fun! Im a mommy too, of 3! And I definitely have mamarozzi syndrome when it comes to them! You really cant get enough photos of them. :) I know I love looking back at my childhood photos, so I know they will too.
Your son is absolutely gorgeous!

ninaturek said...

Thanks Maria! Aren't they soo fun? I have a little built in model and I love it!...I don't think he shares my enthusiasm, BUT he is too little to know that I am going to take full advantage of the situation :-)