Monday, November 8, 2010

Being a Mommy & Business Owner

Being a mother and business owner has proved to require me to be an overly super-d-duper organized mess. I'm pretty sure organized and mess shouldn't belong in the same sentence, but it's true, that's what I am. My family is my number one priority. Anyone who says that being a work from home (I don't like the way that sounds. I am a proud stay at home mom, who works when she has time). Ok....anyone who says that being a stay at home mom who works when she has time is LYING!! I refuse to let my business take control of my time, energy and life. In order to keep my world in perspective I have had to make sacrifices. I am not willing to sacrifice time with family OR the quality of my work..SOOO, unfortunately the only thing that I am willing to sacrifice is my sleep.

Here is my crazy schedule..
5:34am wake up
5:34-6:00am daily choar (I do one choar a day. Today was laundry. This helps me keep the work at home week under control. I would rather do a little everyday than a lot on one day)
6:00-7:00am devotional with hubby
7:00-8:00am work out
8:00am Jaxson wakes up and my day begins :-)
11:30am Feed Jaxson lunch
12:00pm Jaxson nap
12:00pm-1:30pm?? (or until Jaxson wakes up) Edit photos
5:00pm start dinner
6:30pm dinner time
7:00pm Jaxson bath
7:30pm Jaxson bed
8:00pm pick up the house
8:15-9:00pm quality time with hubby
9:00pm BED

Just this morning I realized that I need to start getting up earlier. Ugghhhhh! I do not actually have time to get ready for the day on this crazy schedule. I hate to admit this, but I am still in my pj's. Oh wait, I did change into "workout" clothes so I could go outside and get the mail --so the rest of the world wouldn't know my little secret. Mornings are the only time I can (usually) count on. SOOO if there is something that I really want to get done, it has to happen before the rest of the house wakes up. Well, here is to a 4:44am attempt tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Regina said...

I wish I had your drive, I would love to have my own business someday, but sure about your schedule! Hugs

Denai said...

Love you NINA!!!!!

ninaturek said...

I LOVE you Denai!!